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Simple yet profound, Pre-Texts is a teaching practice that uses challenging texts as primary material for art-making. Inviting educators to use local languages and creative practices to ‘own’ challenging texts, Pre-Texts makes teaching easier and learning more fun. Teachers can create lessons in which students dance to the text, sing along to the text, create videos or take photos inspired by the text, make comic books with the text—the list is endless. Between interpreting the material and reflecting on the process, creative and critical thinking develop together.

Cultural Agents

Cultural Agents is an NGO as well as an initiative at Harvard University. Since 2002, the organisation has sought to increase the impact of creative and scholarly practices by identifying artists, educators, and community leaders who have developed socially productive artistic practices. This is achieved through reflecting on the role of art in building civil society, and by disseminating best practices through workshops and public forums.


The THiNKSeries Charity Foundation aims to connect, extend and challenge the perspectives of our next generation to become global citizens. We provide a platform to showcase our students’ vision, celebrate their innovative ideas, and ultimately cultivate a caring, thinking generation on a journey of discovery through Think Again Awards, and the THiNKSeries Leadership Development Programme. The THiNKSeries Charity Foundation was established in 2011, so we would like to celebrate this, our 10th year, by carrying out a series of events and activities within the Hong Kong community.

Wiseman Education

Wiseman Education develops interactive courseware and runs programmes that teach for understanding, develop enquiry learning, and inspire thinking. We work with educators and students to cater for their needs, to address learning diversity and to ensure our school-based interactive curriculum is effective, implementable and sustainable.

Our mission is to help learners realise their potential and nurture their confidence by integrating good literature together with the latest instructional technology and proven pedagogy. We work with learners, educators and school administrators to provide effective learning solutions and pedagogy. We believe that learning should liberate learners’ thoughts to explore, create and challenge, and prepare them to be the next generation of thinkers.

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