Awards Criteria

Best Read Aloud Award

The content that incorporates variations in rhythm, pitch, tone, volume, eye contact, questions and comments to produce a fluid and enjoyable presentation.

Best Scene Interpretation Award

The content that represents understanding of the scene, exploiting high-level knowledge and reasoning for scene prediction.

Best Presentation Award

The content that exhibits the mastery of presenting and processing information to the audience.

Most Creative Award

The content that conveys ideas with the best use of imagination and creativity.

Best Performance Award

The content that presents the best use of language and language arts.

People’s Choice Award

The content that is most voted by the general public as their favourite piece presented.

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Awards by Category

Category I:

  • Best Read Aloud Award
  • People’s Choice Award

Category II:

  • Best Scene Interpretation Award
  • Best Presentation Award
  • People’s Choice Award

Category III, IV:

  • Best Presentation Award
  • Most Creative Award
  • Best Performance Award
  • People’s Choice Award
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